ZOIA 2.0 Update

The ZOIA is generally a pedal form of the modular synthesizer. Rather than being an effect of delay or tremolo, The ZOIA assists users in getting the required modules which are critical to creating a tremolo or delay from scratch. But because you are the one who’s building it, you can practically make it work however you want and do whatever you want to.

With the help of the ZOIA application, you can easily custom-build your effects, midi controllers, synthesizers, and virtual pedalboards. To make all this process a lot simpler, ZOIA has created all the essential things needed to make your guitar effects.

As an illustration, if you wish to open a phaser, you can effortlessly pop down a phaser with just a single click on the screen. You do not have to break out any of the textbooks to know and acknowledge how they are built between all the pass filters.

The Empress Effects ZOIA was already very strong. It’s modular way to DIY effects design lets your mind run wild and your imagination as well. But, a handful of applications installed in your library are the apps that push the processor to its limits and max out the CPU.

From time to time, they’d even make the pedal lock up and crash. But, that really should be less of a concern instantly after the 2.0 firmware update.

There are many minor changes to the ZOIA, but the essential feature is the more efficient and enhanced code that the company claims decreases the average CPU load of a patch by 24%. That means that crazy granular pitched looper with eight different loops playing at once will no longer bring the ZOIA to its knees. You’ll now be able to create more extensive and more complex patches. Perhaps you can push it to 10 loops.

Another important addition is a CV mixer module. This allows you to dial in the precise amount of control energy you want going to various other modules or even link multiple incoming CV sources and use the average of their output to control, say, the rate on a tremolo.

So, you could have a trem that gets faster over time on a macro scale checked by an LFO, but then the rate could vary within a specific range on a micro-scale based on how carefully you pick.One of the modules of ZOIA, like the ADSR envelope and audio mixer, got some new views.

modules like the ring modulator and delay line have minor helpful updates, like the capability to manage delay time with CV and accept negative CV signals for weaker frequencies.However, there’s no sampler module yet introduced the ZOIA.

The company says it is still in process, but there’s no period given by the company when released in the industry.ZOIA firmware 2.0 is free to download the application and is now worldwide available.

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